Cold callers.


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Everyone gets calls from companies? do you feel pressured to take up their product?



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I used to be a telemarketer so I know how to mess with them. It's fun.

I feel pressured to buy their product but that's how I'm supposed to feel. Their job is to make people feel pressured. I just tell them "Take me off your list" and be done with it.


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I never answer the phone for telemarketers. But no, I wouldn't feel pressured by them.


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Reason i ask is my aunt has just been cold called by an insurance comp, told her to hang up and she never, and was so taking in the crap. In the end its been left in the air, but dont you just hate that type of call?


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I usually answer and hang up. It's really annoying.... If they start to call more then 4 times a day I'll yell at them.


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I work in sales so I know how hard it is to get people to actually listen to you when you call them.

My Dad is a real ass to them. God help you if you call during dinner!