Colangelo Says Raptors Want To Be Active In Free Agency


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Toronto Star -
The NBA free agency season is more about selling than buying and Bryan Colangelo and his merry band of cohorts will be in full-on schmooze mode late tonight, the Toronto Star is reporting.

They will have phones at the ready and speeches all prepared, they may have trinkets like personalized highlight videos and books ready to lay on the players they most covet among the 10 or so they've identified as priorities.

"We want to be active, we want to try to move quickly in terms of reaching out to various free agents," Colangelo said of the negotiating period that begins a minute after midnight tonight.

The general manager has narrowed down his list of possible additions to 10 or so, he said. It's no secret that Orlando's Grant Hill is among those high on that list.

Colangelo isn't giving away any secrets on who he covets most except to say he's got his priorities set.

"Sometimes in free agency you have to over-pay and we're willing to over-pay if we feel like we're going to get the right player," he said. "What we keep talking about is consistency at the small forward position, but we want to add the best possible player."


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The Raps just won't stop. I think its good they are going to be active and trying to build on the success of last year and try to go a little deeper this year.