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COLA...Are they kidding?


Registered Member
Cost-of-Living Adjustment (COLA) Information | Social Security Administration

What makes anyone think that any small increase is easier to live on? Those on disability have it hard enough. But now we had gotten a 2% increase. Big deal. That's only $20.

Does anyone realize what the cost of anything really is? $20 can pay for 1 gal milk, loaf of bread, some fruit, maybe some meat just 1 time of going to the store for 1 month. Are they kidding?
We still have bills, we need clothes, if you own a car you need gas, if you need medicine and no room for entertainment. Everytime you turn around you're squeezing that almighty dollar and it's not easy.

What do you believe should be the increase cost given to each individual? Do you find yourself struggling even with the tiniest increase? What is your opinion on the subject as a whole?