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Coke or Pepsi?

Coke or Pepsi?

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When I was a kid I used to drink Coke or Pepsi without any complaints, but as my sense of taste evolved over time I came to dislike Coke, except as a mix for alcohol. Eventually I migrated away from cola altogether, and now don't like it at all, but can still do a Pepsi if it's all there is. The Pepsi line of products is superior in all areas to Coke's, with the exception of Barq's root beer, which is on par with Mug, and Barq's cream soda which is superior to Crush cream soda (but no longer available in 2 liter bottles so I am forced to settle for 2nd best). The C'plus line of pruducts is just bad (on par with supermarket generic soda), and Crush is only marginally better but the best I can find in 2L. Dr. Pepper was my drink for years and years, it's the best pop on the market, but I kicked my caffeine habit a couple years back and have to roll with alternatives now.


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Still firmly in the Coke category. It's number 1, Pepsi is nowhere near the top of the list.


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I've budged a bit from my love for Coke. Cherry Pepsi Zero is way better than Cherry Coke Zero. And Mtn. Dew Zero > Diet Mtn. Dew by a long shot.


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Dr. Pepper

But if I had to choose between the two I'm leaning more towards Pepsi. With Coke I get a strong aftertaste of the sugar that sticks in my mouth and its not a pleasant taste to me.
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