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Coke or Pepsi?

Coke or Pepsi?

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The Gateway Pops

I started with Coke but very quickly moved to Pepsi. I found Coke to be less sweet but ironically more syrupy. I moved to Hires root beer, though still enjoyed a grape Crush or Cream Soda here or there. Hires was temporarily pulled from the shelves at one point so I moved to Grape pop (C-plus really sucked so I generally had to settle for grape Crush which was only marginally better. I found a can of Welch's grape soda once in a 7-11 cooler and it blew the doors off the competition, but I was not able to find it anywhere after that.

After a long void in the root beer market (Let's face it, Fanta and A&W root beer don't even rate) Pepsi released Barq's, which I was shocked to discover was even better than my beloved Hires (Their cream soda was bang-up too). I stayed with root beer for quite a while until I eventually discovered that it wasn't able to cut the dry mouth resulting from a certain recreational activity. :) I tried some different things, including Brisk Ice Tea and even the sports drinks my buddy was into, but nothing seemed to do the trick until I one day grabbed a bottle of Dr. Pepper. I hadn't had Dr. Pepper since I was a kid, but I couldn't help but wonder after the first taste how I could have overlooked it for so long. Dr. Pepper has 26 component flavors with sweet cherry leading the pack. I was instantly hooked, and despite being sweet, it did a fantastic job of cutting dry mouth. Even though I rarely partake of that recreational activity nowadays, I have a 2 liter a day Dr. Pepper habit that I just can't shake. I tried to go back to Cola once and it just tasted gross. I can grin a bear Pepsi, but Coke is just vile unless mixed with alcohol.

- Chameleon

P.S. I know it was more than you ever wanted to know, but I felt like rambling. :)
I have a hypothesis. Most people who prefer Coke are smokers.
I can only assume that folks who prefer Coke either haven't tried other soft-drinks or their taste buds are shot. :p
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The Rock is cooking atm..
Pepsi for me. Better taste in my opinion, less fizzy! If you drink enough of it, you'll be able to distinguish the taste. Pretty much the same as Fanta or Sunkist, distinct taste.


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Pepsi, even though Coke is what gets stocked up on around here. Either way, the shit is bad for you and I have to use a straw going as far back as possible so that it never touches the teeth and annoys my dentist.


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I don't drink pop but remember when there used to be these challenges; company reps would set up a stand and you could try each one and get a $10 bill if you guessed which was which correctly. My husband always could tell. he still drinks coke, just not as much.


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Coke but I prefer RC Cola.

Pepsi is too sweet. Coke is too fizzy.

RC is just right. That said, I usually drink Coke because RC is hard to find. The Mexican Coke made with cane sugar is my current favorite. Much better than the corn syrup stuff.


The Rock is cooking atm..
Can't take anything away from Pepsi, but there's just a bit of a kick that coke has that can't be beat. Taste is incomparable.
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