coins and stamps


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does anyone collect coins and stamps out here. i have a good collection of coins and stamps which i collected through friends, online sites etc?
My 10 year old daughter likes to keep any interesting coins she comes across, so I thought I'd try to find her a kids collecting book for Christmas.


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I have a coin collection but have not looked at it in years now. My grandfather gave my sister and I some coins and bills he had collected during World War II. I then started doing a little collecting on my own. It is fun to look for a particular coin and see if you can get it for a good price when you find what you are looking for.


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About the only coins I collect are some of the State Quarters, and really old stuff I've come across. I also have a few gold dollars and a few Susan B. Anthony dollars.


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We have some coins, not anything much, just some foreign coins, state quarters, bicentennial coins, and a couple of Sacajewea dollars. Oh, I did get a Mercury dime in change the other day. It's worth about $4-$6, so I guess I'll hold onto it for a while longer.

My husband's grandfather used to buy the real collector coins, but I think they got "liquidated" when he passed away. :shake:


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Right now, we're just collecting as a hobby. However, if we came across a coin in change that was worth a good bit, I'd sell it in a heartbeat.

Like I said, we don't have very many coins. Just things we've saved along the way.