Mark ov teh Pond
Forgive me if this was already known, or in the wrong forum - I'm new to this neck of the woods. If that's the case, delete it.

The Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act (COICA) was introduced just one week ago, but it's greased and ready to move, with a hearing in front of the Judiciary Committee this Thursday. If people don't speak out, US citizens could soon find themselves joining Iranians and Chinese in being blocked from accessing broad chunks of the public Internet.
Source: David Segal: Stop the Internet Blacklist

Petition: Stop the Internet Blacklist! | Demand Progress

What are your thoughts on it? Bad news for torrent sites.


not a plastic bag
I thought this would be about porn. I am a little surprised it is about copyrights. The line about the AG creating a list of sites to block is just red flag city. Almost any site on the net could fall under copyright restrictions.
This site included. Lets say GF grew to a million dollar industry and a large multinational company decided they wanted in on the forum business. How hard would it be to find copyright infringements or the ability for infringements and shut down GF?
Its a far stretch I admit for this site, but I see it as a real possibility with internet businesses that I have been involved with. I love the internet because it is such an incredible equalizer. For $1000, I can build a site that will out compete for one product. I could for example sell more spice grinders for a cheaper price than amazon could. This is a thorn in the side on the multinationals. Even though I am a small fry and can only take one bucket of sand off the beach, it becomes a threat when there are millions of us taking a bucket of sand away.


Mark ov teh Pond
Well, some people are scared. They are talking... and they be saying that, the government, under the command of media companies, can not only censor but also remove sites completely. Like, a site that gets blacklisted won't just be censored for us in US, but taken off the internet completely?

My question is... is/could it be that bad?


Creeping On You
Well, reading the bill's text, sites like facebook and youtube would have to be blacklisted. Youtube shuts crap down that infringes, but it isn't perfect. and you can link to youtube on your facebook. So facebook would be a site accessable to getting that stuff. What about one person emailing copyright stuff?

I think the entire bill is messed up. They should just do like Canada does and go after the people doing the sharing. If the US bans those types of stuff, where am I going to download my free movies?