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Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
So do we have coffee drinkers here at GF? I generally only drink it in the winter or in the morning with orange juice and breakfast and I take it with a little sugar and some creamer.

I definitely prefer random dark roasts and a big variety. I don't think I ever buy the same coffee twice. I'll get Starbucks or chain coffee once and a while but I'd rather brew my own.


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I do not drink regular coffee.
I only drink those General Foods International Coffees.....flavored like Swiss Mocha, French Vanilla Cafe, Caramel Latte...and there are a few others I will drink...but then, it's rare I drink those.
I always prefer icy cold drinks over anything warm.


I drink coffee every now and then but I don't need to have it everyday. I mostly drink it when I don't have anything sweet to drink [because I put too much sugar in my coffee]. Unlike my friends who drink it to keep them awake, I don't drink it for that purpose.


Where is my Queen?
I drink frapas but this is about it. I am not much of a coffee drinker. If I want something to warm me up or wake me up, I prefer hot chocolate with a hint of Rumplemintz.


yellow 4!
I drink coffee about once a month, that's all. There's no reason for me to drink it, really, because the taste to me is 'meh' and it doesn't do anything for me in terms of keeping me awake. If anything it makes me more sleepy simply because it's a warm drink.

Don't think I've ever bought coffee out, only made it at home.


Haters gonna hate.
Once or twice a week. I am not the biggest fan, but I drink it when I am compelled to.


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I drink coffee every day. I generally take it "black as my soul", the way my friend puts it. By far the best method of preparation is French Press, though sometimes I'm lazy and use the coffee machines at work (which grind and brew on demand, so actually come out with a rather good product). If I brew my own coffee, I'll always grind my own beans in my kitchenaid mill grinder immediately before brewing.

Living in Seattle, I, of course, also enjoy a wide range of espresso-based and espresso-like drinks, including macchiatos and Cuban espresso (hot, strong, and sweet; fits me perfectly! :p ).


Do What Thou Wilt
I have a coffee every morning. I love it, and I need it to get me up in the morning. I am dead without it now. Falling asleep all the fucking time without it. haha


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I drink it constantly. Black. Really need to lay off, though. As much as I hate to admit it.


still nobody's bitch
I'm completely addicted. Just hearing the word coffee makes me want some. Minimum of 20 ounces a day, french roast, grind my own beans for each cup, with cream and sugar.