Coffee vs Tea

Which is better?

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Both are very popular but I was wondering which is more popular here, at GF. So the question is, which do you like more, coffee or tea?

For me it's pretty simple, Tea. I'm not a coffee person and I will never be one. I just find the stuff nasty. On the other hand I love iced tea. It's one of my favorite beverages.

Note: When I say tea I mean any kind. Herbal, Ice etc etc.
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Coffee coffee coffe coffee. :D

I hate tea and there is such a larger range of coffee I like: caramel latte, capachino and lots of others.


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Coffee makes me want to puke. I love the smell of regular coffee but to actually drink it? Omigawd....


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Give me coffee or give me death! I am not a fan of tea..Tea is just scared water.
If you slit my wrists I will bleed coffee.

Oh yeah! Death before Decaf!!!!!!