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Do you drink coffee?

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Who drinks coffee? How do you like it? I have at least 2 cups a day. I couldn't live without the stuff :)

My grandpa got me into it. I like it with lots of cream and little sugar.
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I don't really drink coffee but I love the smell of it, I might sometimes have a few sips of a cup if it is very cold or something like that to warm me up.


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I have one cup that lasts me usually half the day. Its probably the real equivalent of about 2 and a half cups though. A big ol' stainless steel mug that I love.

Normally I go with the big Mug and 3 sweet & lows, but if I'm just using my normal coffee cup I'll go with 1. No creamer, just black slightly sweet.

More recently I've fallen in love with the Dunkin Donuts coffee grounds! Where I live we dont have a Dunkin Donuts so the taste of the coffee was absolutely new to me.


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yeah i drink coffee,i have one in the morning milk two sugars and i like it strong as well.
During the winter months i will have a couple of cups during the day to warm me up,working outside is a pain when its cold.
When pulling an all nighter fishing session there is always a flask of coffee on hand,to keep us warm and awake.

I dont drink coffee after seven at night at home as i have trouble sleeping normally,a coffee buzz would not be a good idea.

I like the new avy pro,is that R Lee Ermey?.
I drink a lot of tea (mostly green) but I will have a few cups of coffee every now and then... maybe once or twice a month but thats all. I do like it, just prefer tea.

Ooh and I like it (coffee) with a fair bit of milk, but no sugar.


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I think I'm going to be the only one that doesn't drink it lol, just like with my mates, everyone drinks it but me!


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I am a coffee junkie. I drink anywhere between 2 and 3 post a day.
I prefer to brew my own..Can't stand Starschmucks and don't get why alot of people like that swill.

Some might call me a coffee snob but I just call myself a junkie..Coffee life's blood. If you slit my wrists you would get coffee instead of blood. :D

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I drink on average a few cups a day, It's the best thing in the morning. Sometimes it's hard to get up in the morning without smelling a fresh brew and knowing it will snap me out of my slumber. Thing is we don't have a timer on our coffee maker so one of us has to get up first to turn it on. :-/


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I drink a minimum of 20 ounces a day. I buy Trader Joe's Fair Trade French Roast and grind the beans myself. Some days I'll go to 7-Eleven and get a 24 ounce blueberry creme (nowhere near as beurky as it sounds, it's quite good actually).

As far as decaf goes, I never saw the point.


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I drink a lot of coffee, though the exact amount I drink in a day is hard to say. I'll usually drink half the cup, then go and refill it again to keep it piping hot...and I do that continuously throughout the day. I usually just drink my coffee black, but I do enjoy the occasional specialty coffee drink when I am craving something high calorie.