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so i love a good cocktail
my favourite being sex on the beach or a cosmopoliton
i was wondering if anyone has any good cocktail recipes they could share that are simple to make...fruity and sweet are my favs :) thanks for any help.


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I would recommend two of my favorite cocktails to ya if you like sweet drinks:

Amaretto Sour
Amaretto (Sweet Almond Liquor) or go top shelf with Disaronno.
Sweet and Sour Mix
Sugar (optional)
Fruit Garnish (Usually Cherry, Orange slice or Lime at times)

You can pretty much mix the main liquids half and half or add more S&S if you like it more sour (like sour candy).

Mandarin Splash
This drink is called different names, but when I was a bartender I called it like so. All you need is:
Absolute Mandarin
Cranberry Juice and,
Orange Juice.

You fill your cup with usually 1 1/2 tsp of Absolute Mandarin, or if a high ball glass probably half with the ice contents inside. Then, splash both orange and cranberry to the top to fill the glass (add more of one than the other or equal parts of both). I swear you you, it taste like having an orange sherbert Flinstone's pop sickle. Declicious!


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for new years eve i made a cocktail very similar to sex on the beach
peach schnapps
grapefruit juice
cranberry juice
orange juice
it went down a treat :)

i also made one with apple sourz, peach schnapps apple juice and lemonade


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ahhh cocktail..Mojitos, margariiiittaa!! aye-aye..

all right, here is one of my favorite, very easy and spot on with men and ladies alike...

In a tumbler glass

Filled up with ice cubes, a shot of Armaretto or any almand liqueure..
A quater of fresh lime and drop 2 quarter in the glass..
Top it all up with Maccallan whisky..

enjoy slowly..perfect with a fire place..



Babeasaurus Sex
2 parts Aftershock® (blue)
2 parts Aftershock® (green)
3 parts Vodka
top up WKD blue

Pour it all in a jug and mix it pour into a glass and drink through a straw =] its gawjus but strong

Aweeeeeesome drink :)


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Maitai is my fave

1 shot of Light Rum
1 shot of Dark Rum
0.5 shots of Triple Sec
0.75 shots of Lime Juice
0.25 shots of Almond Sugar Syrup
0.25 shots of Sugar Syrup

the almond sugar, you can use sirop d'orgeat; the sugar syrup can be grenadine or any juice haha
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