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Has anyone here coached a sports team, or individual person in a sport before? I'm currently doing a course to become a qualified archery coach. The course involves a 12-hour (over 2 days) class with a representative from Archery Australia. A written exam and then 5 hours of actual coaching before you are qualified.

I started my 5 hours last week with my archery clubs beginner course and ended up coaching roughly 4 people who had never held a bow before to start archery. I think it went well and some of them were showing a lot of improvement after only one lesson.

I was just wondering if anyone here has a lot of experience in sports coaching and if you had any tips?


Haters gonna hate.
I briefly coached my former U7 Soccer team last summer for a few weeks while the full-time coach was on vacation.

I have one tip: Be fair. Even though U7 Soccer is totally different than Archery, let every player play and let every player matter.


I don't really have 'players' per say as archery is an individual sport, but that's still sound advice. I have to remember to give all the people I am coaching equal time. I think last week I favored one couple more and spent more time with them. In next weeks lesson I'm going to concentrate on spending equal time with each beginner.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Be patient is key, not everyone is going to be good or have the level expectation you might have. I've coached many times, mostly Basketball and Baseball and at first I demanded to much on my players. I quickly realized that I can't be hard on them like I was on me. A lot of them might not have the same passion and determination that you had and are just in there since they enjoy playing.


A Darker Knight
I can sometimes coach less advanced players just because I've been playing for a longer period of time. I'm one of those player coaches in that my advice is usually based off of what I would do rather than what the other player can do.

I think actual coaches will be able to look at players and train them based on individual ability, instead of trying to turn everyone into a clone of yourself.
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