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I need some advice on an issue I have with a co-worker.

The particular person in question is an older guy that I work with. I've never said anything disrespectful towards him, am always polite to him, and do the work he asks me to do without question.

However he is a complete prick towards me. He is 100% disrespectful, always cursing and swearing about females, the younger generation, and how useless he finds me to be.

I approached him, when there was no other staff members around, and told him I find it upsetting and offensive when he talks this way, and if he could stop when i'm around. Well this didn't work, he just carried on, and I try my best to ignore it.

Well this morning, he comes into work in one foul mood and worse than usual, he starts having a go at me. I've had enough this time.

I don't really want to be petty and report him to the boss, but i'm really sick and tired of this. Any suggestions on what I can do?


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Find where he lives, find his bed, and shit on his pillow.

But no, actually, it's not petty at all to report him to the boss. You have your rights and he's impeding on them. Work should only suck because its work, not because of fellow employees.


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Just report the old bag of gas already. Let your boss deal with him.

Or you can unplug his pacemaker, but murder is typically frowned upon.


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report him, or you could always drop him in the sewer. or if you really want him gone shove him into a rip in the space-time continuam thingamobobber.


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Yeah, you should totally toss him into the Large Hadron Collider . . when they've finally fixed the damn thing.


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You've already talked to him about it and it did absolutely no good, so I don't see any other recourse for you but to report him to the boss.


Can he fire you directly? Probably not.

Tell him to quit his bitching and fuck off, if he doesn't have something work related to say to you, tell him you don't want to fucking hear it.

And say it like that, 10 bucks says he shuts up. And if he reports you, you can let management know what you think of the guy.

Course I used to work at a factory where that kind of thing is socially acceptable.


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You're going to have to be petty and report him I'm afraid. Think about it this way - if you left that place right now and someone replaced you then they would have to take the old mans shit instead of you. He needs to be warned for his behaviour by someone of authority and maybe he'll stop being such an ass.
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