CM Punk


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Well as everyone knows by now CM Punk won his second Money in the Bank. How long do you guys believe it will take him to challenge the champion? Do you think when he does challenge him he'll win the title? Will this be a straight match up or will it be like the past? Take advantage of a wrestler that as been beaten up?

Personally I don't see him challenging Cena or Triple H, there's no way that the WWE would make either of those wrestlers lose to CM Punk in my opinion. So it's going to be awhile till we see him use the briefcase in my opinion.

I also hope this time around it will be a one on one match, and he won't take advantage of a beaten wrestler.



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I think CM Punk is going to be the first person to case in MITB and lose. I mean it's gotta happen eventually, right? He's won the thing twice and that's a huge maybe he doesn't win it. Ya never know.

ALthough this might be WWE saying sorry for having him lose the World title without getting pinned.

He's had an unbelievable career so far.


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Yeah i don't think this is going to be a straightforward cash it in and win. I think he's either going to lose the briefcase to somebody else like Kennedy did, or maybe be the first to cash it in and not win. I think him losing the briefcase is most likely though. I can't see somebody who's so over with the crowd cashing it in and not winning the belt...