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CM Punk challenges Chris Brown to fight with proceeds going to charity


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
CM Punk challenges Chris Brown to fight with proceeds going to charity | WrestleChat

Pretty good stuff here.

I didn't think it was that serious after I read Punk say that he would love to give Chris Brown a curbstomp this morning via twitter. Now, we have Chris Brown accusing Punk of taking steroids, which is very unlikely for reasons Punk stated in the video, and because it doesn't look like he's on anything.

I doubt this match will ever happen, but it would be interesting if it did. Punk would probably destroy Chris Brown if they fought for real.


Problematic Shitlord
Brown has no chance of ever winning a contest like that so don't expect him to accept. I mean, he beat a dumbass like Rhianna, oh boy. What a tough guy. He'll just stick to Twitter.


Where is my Queen?
It would be nice to see CM Punk beat this woman beater's ass, but Brown is too much of pussy to accept. Chris Brown only beats up women. I would pay good money to see this one especially knowing that proceeds would go to charity, and the fact that Punk would just simply just whip his ass hard.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Oh, I know it's not going to happen, but it's pretty cool to see these two people jawing to each other like. I wonder how long this thing is going to last, apparently Brown said he'll stop tweeting him today, but who knows much much truth there is behind that claim.

Little chicken shit.


Oh, I'm glad this topic is here. I saw the video on another forum and I'll post my thoughts about it here as well.

It's clear to see Punk is doing this to garner publicity for WrestleMania. I mean, it's some scripted wrestler trying to pick a fight with an R&B artist. An A-list artist who just won a Grammy and is possibly getting back with Rihanna, mind you. It has to be this reason. Why? Because if Punk wanted to go up against a woman-beater, he already has a match with a guy. At WrestleMania. Yup, Chris Jericho. Remember this:

Chris Jericho Hits Fan - Exclusive Two Camera Footage - YouTube

Jericho punched the shit out of her. Hell, Punk wanted to go up against a woman-beater and now he got his wish.

Also, if Jericho wasn't good enough, Punk should have picked a fight with SCSA. Remember how badly SCSA beat the living shit out of Debra? Why didn't Punk call out either of them? Again, publicity.

Jericho and SCSA are both guilty of hitting women, yet he goes after this newly Grammy R&B winner instead. Somebody who he has never had any relations with.

Oh, not to mention the child-like behavior of Punk trying to get in a real fight with Chris Brown. Really? Come on now. If he was serious about Chris Brown "truly" recovering, then he would have offered educational information about abuse rather than some testosterone filled rant about how Punk can beat up another person thus making Punk a better man.

I don't like either of them, so as somebody viewing this without any bias, I can see that Punk is only doing this out of publicity and I doubt he cares what Chris Brown did. 'Cuz if he did, he would have gone after the many pro-wrestlers that have hit/hurt women (SCSA, Jericho, Chris Benoit, ect...)


I ♥ Haters
Yeah, they might as well stop the “Twitter war” while they’re ahead because Chris Brown is a solid gold pussy. He would never accept a challenge from CM Punk.

Also, as much as I love CM Punk, I hate to break it to him, but he’s about 3 years too late jumping on the Chris Brown/Rihanna bandwagon. It’s old freakin’ news. No one cares about Chris Brown. And why not do this shit when the iron was hot? Say, like three years ago? In my opinion, he shouldn't be wasting his time with a bitch like Chris Brown anyways. Just let him live with his notoriety – I believe that’s punishment enough since he’s the most hated man in Hollywood.

On a side note, I HATE, HATE how some men always think that women are some kinda fragile creatures that need to be protected and defended. Are you fucking kidding me? We can be just as vicious as men. Believe me when I say I am NO fan of Chris Brown. In fact, I despise him – not just for the Rihanna thing, but everything from his FACE to his music. I dunno if she hit him first or not, but I can definitely say that if I hit a man first, I would expect him to fight me back. If I can dish it, I can take it too. The whole concept of men being crucified for hitting a women is just a double standard since women who hit men get off scot free. Maybe it’s just me since I don’t believe in gender stereotypes. But I guess that’s a discussion for different thread and a different time.


Where is my Queen?
This all started because Chris Brown accused Punk of taking steroids. He is just taking up for himself and might as well get some free publicity while he is doing. As for Jericho, I don't see anywhere in that video where he punched a woman. If he did, I must of confused her as a man.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
This is all Chris Brown's fault and CM Punk is not using this to get national attention or notority. Do people actually think he's that much of an attention whore? Brown needs to shut his mouth because if they got into a fight (would never happen) Punk would beat the crap out of it.

Punk didn't go looking for this, I don't blame him at all. I am not really sure where you were going with what you said, Vilk, haha


Punk is a devotee of the Straight Edge lifestyle so to be accused of using steroids is pretty disrespectful to him.

I mean having someone who hospitalised his girlfriend attacking something that you are really proud of would make anyone angry.