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Movies Cloverfield DVD


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Who's gonna go and buy the Cloverfield DVD when it comes out on April 22nd? I know I am. I saw the movie in theaters and completely fell in love with it. Also how much do you think it'll cost?


I can't really see myself wanting to see Cloverfield again enough to buy the DVD. It wasn't a bad movie, but it wasn't good enough to warrant buying the DVD for twenty plus dollars in my opinion.


Not worth buying, but worth a rental every 3 years or so. A nice suspense movie worth it's weight in gold... ugh... 2 ounces? :eek:


The Original Kiwi
It wasn't even worth watching the first time. Cloverfield was easily the stupidest movie i've ever seen.


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I enjoyed the movie the first time I saw it but I couldn't sit through a 2nd viewing of it. So I don't plan on getting it, but my brother loved the movie(every time) and is going to get the special edition. So if I ever get that urge to watch it again I'll just watch his.
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Sally Twit
I loved Cloverfield so much. I wouldn't buy it but it's worth watching 2-3 times.

I can't wait to see a sequel!


The Hierophant
That movie sucked. The hype made it out to be like it was going to be straight action and suspense the whole way through. Which it really wasn't. The shaky camera made me want to vomit. Even the main character who got the job opportunity in Japan was cliche. And he did cliche things the whole way through. And they only actually showed the monster briefly a couple times through the movie. On a scale of one to ten, I'd give this movie a one and a half. I wouldn't buy it ever, and if they manage to make a sequel, it had better be fourty times better just so that it's actually worth while. And this movie really goes to show how bad the writers strike really was. A true product of something that could have been but wasn't.


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I loved the movie because it seemed so bad. You have to remember that the whole movie is from the perspective of an average joe with a video camera. That is what makes the movie so good. People should stop expecting huge blockbuster Lord of the Rings or Matrix style movies. be happy with the ones out there that may not have the best animations but solid storylines. If a storyline is good and the presentation of it is done well then what is the problem if it doesn't have the best quality images.
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The Original Kiwi
It has nothing to do with the images, the whole movie just sucked. The plot was stupid and pointless, I didn't care about any of the characters, there was NO suspense, I wasn't ever once on the edge of my seat or even wondering or caring about what was coming next. I laughed when I read they all died online while we were watching it cause I was looking for some redeeming quality in why we shouldn't turn it off in the middle. Instead we just skipped ahead to the parts that seemed like they could be cool (like when the chic blows up and the bridge collapses and such) but we were still disappointed.


Forum Drifter
I'll pick it up. I loved it because the movie was only part of the story. When it was over me and my friend came home and spent about 4 hours unearthing the rest of the story that's hidden across the interbutts.