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I hate hate hate clothes shopping... it just sucks the life out of me. Therefore, I rarely do it... when I do, it's usually because some of my female friends drag me along and tell me what to buy for myself, so what store I'm at isn't a particularly concious choice.


i'm one of those people who would spend all my money on books and don't care where i buy my clothes -_- although that probably has to stop considering the profession i'm going into. But the stores that i usually go to buy clothes probably include

Deb(mostly my tank tops)

Wal-Mart(my t-shirts)

Aeropostle (my hoodies, i tend to buy guy hoodies cuz its just baggier and i like it that way)

H&M (for my button down shirts...though i tend to buy the guy shirts cuz their more comfortable to wear)

and wherever else my friends tend to drag me...and pick out...

according to my friend its kinda pathetic that I have more books then clothes....but i just tend to dress in whatever is most comfortable...


I'm a super clothes whore. I'm the guy that spends $300 on a single pair of jeans.

I like to look nice and I pay good money to look nice. Am I a snob about it nah. I don't go and criticze what other people wear.


I'm the guy that spends $300 on a single pair of jeans.
You realize, you could look just as good in cheaper clothes... nobody is going to know the difference unless they're examining the tag for some reason. It baffles me... why do you think expensive automatically means looking nice, whereas cheap means looking bad?


Oh I don't think cheap looks bad, its just a different style to me. I used to and still occasionly buy cheap clothing. I used to think it was dumb to buy $300 jeans, then I worked at a clothing shop for 6 months or something and got a major discount on clothes so I started buying expensive jeans at almost 1/2 off.

Expensive jeans are more comfortable to me, and the hand stitching on a lot of it looks really nice in my opinion. Do I go out of my way to tell people I'm wearing $300 jeans, not at all. I get compliments on how I look all the time though, and a good majority of the time they ask where i got my jeans.

on a normal day I probably wear well over 800 dollars worth of clothing on me between my jeans, blazer, shirt, shoes and accessories (necklace, bracelets, belts)


A Darker Knight
There is a big difference between 10 dollar jeans and 50 dollar jeans, believe me. It may not seem like it if you're looking from the outside, but if you're the one wearing it, you can feel it.

For example, some cheaper jeans may feel rough and less stretchy when you sit down or something. Sometimes they even make your leg itch. Expensive ones feel nice, since they're probably made from higher quality material.

But if you'be never worn high quality clothes before(just saying, no offense to anybody), then you would'nt have anything to compare it with.

To me, feeling comfortable is more important than looking nice.


For a Free Scotland
Currently I've got my winter pants and such, flannel lined, from The Territory Ahead, which is a part of LL Bean.

Also LL Bean itself, and Lands End for functional stuff that's no nonsense. Otherwise everything else I buy at Mervyn's. My school has a decently formal dress code, and occasionally you have to wear a tie and blazer with nice shoes (sucks...), I got that at Men's Warehouse.



Alost everything I own I got at Khols (pants, shirts, boxers, shoes, socks, belts). There are a few shirts I have gotten at Hot Topic and a few from Target.

The Abyss

American Eagal
Pac Sun
Chicks Sporting Goods
(anywhere is good, but i'm not a prep, just to get that clear)


JC Penny
The Hope Chest (well, only for a three-piece suit. If fit well and cost less than the amount it took to dry-clean it. A bargain)

Actually, most of my clothes are gifts from family or friends. Actually, almost all, I've received.