Clinton Or Obama Your Chose


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Who do you think will win the democratic race. i think Obama will win but that is my personal opinion.
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Why do you think obama will win? I would assume its something more than that race speech he made. Im surprised there wernt any threads about that speech.


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i think he'll win because of all the promises he's made. He's appealing to peoples wishes i think he'll be a good president if he can keep those promises.


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Obama would have to screw up in a huge way to lose the Democratic nomination to Hillary at this point. The numbers are simply in his favor.
Nomination: Obama. From the looks of it Bill Clinton is continuing screwing up Hillary's run. I like Bill, but if he cares for his wife and wants her to win he should shut up.
Hilary does a good job of screwing herself out of the election to, what with the lying about sniper fire and such. Just because she is the wife of a former president does not mean people will immediately be swayed by her or anything apparently.

As such I'm voting Obama in the election and I will believe in miracles again if he wins.


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If I could vote...I dunno. I think I'd vote Clinton. But I don't know who'll win. I think both of them have a good chance at it.