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Greetings movie fans.

How many of you are clerks fans? I'm a huge fan of the movie Clerks. Here is a bit of info on the first Clerks.

Kevin Smith has delved into action ("Mallrats"), drama ("Chasing Amy") and philosophy ("Dogma") in his Askewniverse, but Clerks, the first film of the series, is still the best.

Shot on a ridiculously low budget, using mostly friends and relatives as the cast and crew (see the line in the credits where "Boom" is credited as "whoever happened to be holding the pole"), "Clerks" is such a great film just because it doesn't try to be more than it is. You get the sense that this movie is in black and white not to be pretentious, but just because it's a prosaic look at prosaic lives.

Kevin Smith's real gift is writing funny, witty dialogue, and that's what carries this film. From Star Wars debates (did the destruction of the second Death Star in "Jedi" cost innocent contractors their lives?) to perfectly serious debates about sex ("Thirty-seven???"), this is the ultimate movie for anyone who's ever been going nowhere and doing nothing. It's a day in the life of the guy working at the corner store, no more, no less. But it's absolutely brilliant.

People either love or hate Kevin Smith movies. Chances are, if you can appreciate the humor of low-brow jokes about pornography as high art, then you'll enjoy "Clerks". His brand of humor isn't for everyone. This is his first film and it's flawed, to be sure. But in my humble opinion, it's still Smith's best

Here are a few clips.

YouTube - Clerks Movie Trailer

YouTube - Clerks Clip - Jedi Politics

YouTube - Clerks episode - Vilification

Most of us have seen the ending but few have seen the alternate ending so here it is. Good thing they didn't use it or there would have been no clerks 2.

Now onto clerks Two..I loved this movie almost as much as Clerks. Here is the basics of Clerks 2.

The general idea is that it is a "coming of age" story for the Gen X slackers, who finally in their 30's find themselves not having advanced very far in life, careers, personally or even in general (this is primarily Dante's role, anyway). He decides (due to some things beyond his control) to FINALLY move on, "grow up", get married and leave Leonardo New Jersey and its band of bad influences behind.

Randall, of course, is not so keen at his only friend leaving NJ, is perfectly happy living with his parents and doing as little as possible, and a good part of the movie is spent on Randall challenging Dante's decision and exploration of their friendship.

a couple of new characters, a crew member at Mooby's (a McDonald's type fast food joint) named Elias who is a very religious, naive counterpoint to Randall's ruthless and jaded personality, and therefore the butt of many jokes/gags. His and Randall's comments regarding "Lords of the Ring" vs "Star Wars" are priceless and vintage Kevin Smith.

Another new character, "Becky", is played by Rosario Dawson, who is the manager at the same restaurant. She plays the part of the good female friend who depends on Dante and challenges Dante to consider if he really wants to settle for a girl who is merely tolerable.

As with the first "CLERKS", this movie pushes the limit of what can be put on film and actually get released in theaters. I hope the more controversial parts make the final cut because I think the shock value that makes you say "NO THEY DIDN'T!" is a valuable part of the equation and expected from this film franchise. Without giving anything away, there are particularly two of the films ongoing jokes, one having to do with bestiality, the other in which some very NON-PC racial terms are used, REPEATEDLY, including the "N-word". No one else has the guts to address these issues and make them funny. 'Cept Kevin Smith.

Here are a few clips from Clerks 2

YouTube - Official Clerks II Trailer

YouTube - Clerks 2 Transformers argument

YouTube - Clerks II - Porch Monkeys (GOOD Quality)

These two movies are full of one liners and WTF moments, If you haven't seen these I recommend that you give these two a look see.

Thank you Kevin Smith for making these. :D


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Good thread but I can't rep you again yet. I love Clerks and Clerks II, I've only seen the first one once but clerks II has been on tv a few times this summer and I've seen it twice. I really want to watch Clerks 1 again now, I'll probably get them both on dvd eventually.


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After writing this up I had to put in Clerks. That movie is great! Can't ever get bored with Clerks.

I wasn't too impressed with the Animated Clerks, it just didn't have the spark of the original Clerks movie.

I wasn't too sure about Kevin Smith making a second Clerks but it was just as good as the first. Hell so far I like all the Kevin Smith movies and even his interview movie "an evening with Kevin Smith" the blooper reels are from Clerks 1 & 2 hilarious.
I love Kevin Smiths movies, especially the Clerks flicks. I can watch those movies over and over again. I would actually probably be watching one of them right now if my DVDs weren't packed up at the moment.

The first one has alot more simple and quick laughs for me, while Clerks II has more huge jokes and gags. Both are fantastic movies, and I couldn't have been more pleased with how Clerks II turned out. I was also skeptical at first when I heard about it, but after watching it I could tell that Kevin Smith didn't want to make it unless he thought it would hold up to the original.