Clemons Or Pennington???

Lone Eagle

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Well after yesterday's baptism by fire by the Ravens mighty defense Kellen Clemens looked as though as the game progressed he gained confidence and skill. Throwing for nearly 200 yards in the 4th quarter and would have tied the game if not for a drop by Justin McCareins and another pass that he should have caught. Overall a good performance for a first game! So now the question is who do you start? Chad Pennington the savy but injury prone veteran or this new sensation Kellen Clemens? Well the only opinion that counts is the head coaches and he already said that Chad is the starter. I think Chad honestly gives them the best chance to win but perhaps the training for Clemens should continue and we should begin a new era at the quarterback position for the New York Jets. Yes Chad is more experienced but Clemens by far has the better physical tools. Better arm and more mobile. So who do you start? :sweatdrop:


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If Pennington gives you the better chance to win, then I say you start Pennington. However, later in the season if it appears as if the Jets won't make the playoffs, put Clemens in.

NY Jay

I say they stick with Pennington for now, it was pretty messed up that a lot of the fans started cheering when he got hurt.

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Doesn't look like Chad is going anywhere after today! I liked a sign in the stands that read "Real Jet Fans Love Chad." Jets Win!!! :clap:

Dr. Rockzerz

Pennington because he knows the offense better and he is more experienced. Unless Pennington has a meltdown for a few games then leave him as the starter.


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I think Pennington is a good quarterback, he's been injured a lot in recent years, so he didn't have a chance to show people that he can be a good quarterback in the league. I believe Pennington is the better then Clemmens, and he should be the starter for the Jets. Like Rockerz said he knows more the offense then Clemmens and that's huge.

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Sure he's more experienced, but that doesn't count for much when the opposing defense doesn't have to bother covering receivers more than 15 yards downfield.
Still his record when he starts for the Jets is one of the best winning percentages in the NFL today. Chad wins games! :w00t: