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ClearLittleVial poetry


Registered Member
I'll just post poems here as I go, depending on how much I like them. :) I don't usually write too much, let alone poetry. I mean, the last thing the world needs is another poem, right? But it's something fun to do on occasion.

"Washed Out Color"

Like ravenous beasts
They're easily deviled
By the smallest light
The way your personality glows
Like a bug zapper
After the evening kill
Or the recharge light
In the middle of the night
For your twenty dollar cell phone.
You keep them up
Alert and brown nosed
Assuming you have something
And milk you like a cow
Until the game is over
And you're no longer fun
You're left there to think
Confused and out of sync
With the rest of those unlike them
Detached from logic
Slipping into phantasm
Left bleeding in black and white
Through the nose
Eyes, ears and brain
Rainbows wash out of your soul
Spirits hung out to dry
And soon, very soon
You'll remember nothing

And be just like them.
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