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New Member
Hello there!
I have recently moved our of my mums house and am having real trouble with cleaning my bathroom! I can't seem to find any good products that are easy to use and look nice, my mum used to use vinegar and lemon juice but it stinks! How can I keep my shower nice really easily?!


Sally Twit
I just always use a general bathroom cleaner and it works fine. I'm not sure if you're from the UK but if you are then try Mr Muscle. It's a popular choice.


New Member
Hi samgraham,

I have read you given problem about shower. It can be easily clean by you. Just try to remove the cap of shower and then clean all the holes of shower by brush or pin.
All the best!



Well-Known Member
Pretty much you go to the grocery store and go down the aisle that has all the bathroom cleaning supplies. I personally like Mr. Clean, or those little scrub brushes with cute faces on them, you can also use them to clean the toilet too :D.

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