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How often do you clean up or tidy your room or house? Are you the type of person who waits until you can't see the floor before you know it's time to take action or do you just constantly keep everything in a state of organisation and perfect cleanliness?

The reason I'm asking is that I am currently on a night-long cleaning binge, trying to clean as much of the house as possible while listening to music loudly and dancing around at the same time.

I usually wait till the mess builds up a bit to do a good clean but I never let it get too bad.


Sally Twit
I'll hoover, polish and dust once a week. Everything else is cleaned as I go along really.
I put bleach down the toilet every few days and clean it properly once a week. Oh and the bathroom is cleaned once a week too.
I suppose I should have answered with 'once a week'. Oh well.


Haha no, your detailed answer is much better. Wow, you sound like a really clean person. You would probably hate living with someone like me haha. I never let things get too bad, but I can be a bit of a slob.


Sally Twit
Oh I'm not that perfect haha. I do let things get cluttered actually. We have a room not being used so anything we can't find a place for gets thrown in there. I have to keep the door closed when people come round because I'm so embarrassed by it. I just haven't gotten around to buying more storage yet.


Embrace the Suck
I try and keep things neat and picked up and clean once a week. I hate clutter although have been guilty of it from time to time.


No Custom Title Exists
I clean my own room occasionally when I have time but my sister cleans it when I am at school or whatever. I just tidy it up a bit, sweep the bit of the dust and it's good for me as I don't have standards about the state of my room. I am a neat freak but I let thinks slide if I am feeling lazy.


yellow 4!
I live with 6 other girls, and we have a house cleaning rota because one of the girls is really clean and tidy and we felt bad that it's always her doing it. The rest of us are fine to let the house get a bit messy but she likes it spotless.

So cleaning goes on here every weekday. We all have one job to do per week. This way it doesn't feel like much work for each individual person, but the house gets mopped, swept, vacuumed, dusted, and generally tidied up at least once or twice a week.

Well, that's in theory. In reality, not everything gets done quite so regularly...

As for my own room, I tidy it very often but clean it less often that I should do. My friend is always complaining about my dusty shelves.


I clean the house once or twice a week, but I clean my room every single day by vacuuming, dusting and tidying up.
I am very very messy so that's why I tidy it up every day, because I make a real big mess every day.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I really don't clean or dust or any of that stuff enough. Now that I have a house I am going to be forced to do so.

I haven't been here that long but I do have some dusty shelves. Don't get me wrong this place isn't dirty but as long as I'm living alone I'll probably not clean it up as much as I would if someone else was around.
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