PC Games City of Hero's


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This is the first MMORPG I've actually purchased, I have ot say so far I think its kind of like WOW.....addicting. I've seen my friends play that devil game so I stayed FAR away from it, so when I was looking around Best Buy's for something new I found this Game. I've never played an Online game with other people before and i heard this game got awesome reviews.

Anyways, for those who haven't heard about the game, you can make your own hero (ale or female), have an assortment of various costumes including color and style. There are more than one type of heros (Tanks, Blasters, Defenders, Psychics, Controllers, Healers, etc), all have differnt powers and abilities. The premis of the game is to (obviously) go around and save the citizens from thugs and villians, battle with bosses and go on group parties to level up. The more you level up the harder the game becomes, more powers are unlocked and later you ca train younger superhero's as side-kicks. More abilities are available as you reach higher levels.

So far I'm level 12 Mutant Defender, the game is fun adn the people online are helpful if not mean high level players. Has anyone tried, bought, or have any comment on this game?



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I've played it for around a month, but had to stop due to lack of funds. I was also starting to get a little bored of the game, but I still enjoyed it. In any case, I much prefer EVE over it though.


I purchased the game the day it came out and thought it was amazing. However, the gameplay does become stale somewhat because it's such a grind to progess your character. (I've killed SO many Badguys!) It gets to a point where the game loses its charm because pvp quality is poor when compared to wow and you get sick of mind numbing, tedious missions, all of which have a very similiar objective.

With this said, I do sometimes get the urge to play it off and on. (when i get bored of world of warcraft)