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City dumps 8 million gallons of water


Problematic Shitlord
The other funny thing that most people can point out is that even though it seems gross, piss is completely sterile meaning there's really nothing it could have done to the water supply.


Lion Rampant
Eight million gallons sounds like a mass of water, but is it? Apparently Portland is awash in melting snowpack this time of year. Some important perspective from the article:

The Mount Hood watershed that supplies the city is brimming this spring, with 8 million gallons flowing through it about every half hour.
Given that there is a tiny but real chance of transmitting a serious or even fatal human disease via urine in tap water (it only takes one microbe, theoretically, to pass an infection along), I'd say that city managers made a fairly easy good call. Contrary to popular lore, urine is not sterile with a number of contagious conditions.
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still nobody's bitch

urine is sterile in the absence of a disease condition until it passes through the urinary meatus. Nor is it toxic but it does contain waste products. That is the point of urine, after all. I think this was probably an overreaction, considering all the other waste products we ingest (for example polio is only transmitted via fecal-oral transmission, how's that for an ick factor?) and considering how dilute the urine would be by the time it reached consumers.


Lion Rampant

urine is sterile in the absence of a disease condition until it passes through the urinary meatus.
That wasn't known to be the case.

What you can't do is give a disease to yourself. Bear Grylls is kind of out of place here, as he reportedly plays it safe and never drinks any piss but his own.
I'd just like to observe as well that the point of flushing the reservoir wasn't to mollify an overly squeamish public, as the public wouldn't have been aware of the urination incident until the announcement was made to dump the water. A guy pissing in a pond: not something you see on the five o'clock news.
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Son of Liberty
Dont we have Desalinization plants for things like this?

I mean I work down the street from a Water Reclamation plant.... and if you know much about Sewage... the Reclamation plant is basically toilet water being filtered and then re-distributed for reuse.

The Reclaim water goes to the farmers though, which is kind of a troll move considering those farmers use it to irrigate the same Ag land that feeds so much of the entire world :hah:


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A complete waste of water in times when water supplies are struggling to cope with the demand of an increasing population.