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City construction


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
How is the city construction where you live?

For us, it's a major pain in the butt right now. They've been working on our major highway for the last three years or so. They're adding a lane on both sides. It's backing up traffic like crazy. And now, they closed a few major city bus stops because we're getting an underground city train, so a lot of major city buses are on the highway and it's delaying traffic even more.

Not fun to deal with.


Creeping On You
Summertime in Winnipeg is constant road construction. The streets here are terrible. What do they expect, Winnipeg is built in swampy land. lol. Anyways, since road crews can only do stuff during the summer, there's constantly lanes closed for months of time in the summer as they slowly make progress. city workers aren't known for their motivation or efficiency.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I hate it when they are working on the roads but its a necessary evil and glad that they do. If they didn't the pot holes around here would be horrible.

Had to wait the other day because they were working on a bridge. Which was an inconvenience but at least I didn't have to drive through nasty asphalt that wasn't rolled on. I hate it when I get it all over my truck then have to spend hours trying to get it off.