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Sally Twit
How often do you go to the Cinema?

A couple of years ago my boyfriend and I would go at least once a week. Sometimes we'd watch more than one film there in the same day.
We had these 'Unlimited Cards' where we paid a certain amount a month and could watch as many films as we wanted. It was a great deal for film lovers. The only downside was that it was a yearly subscription so you weren't able to cancel it before then.
Eventually there were no films coming out that interested us any more so we stopped going.
We will go every now and again to see a big Blockbuster but that's about it.


I go at LEAST once a month, every month. Although with me it really just depends how much free time I have and what's on. Sometimes I'll see four movies in one week, or other times I could go the whole month and only go one time. I do try to go as much as I can though.


Rarely do I go to the cinema. It's been almost 2 years that I haven't gone there.
Watching movies is not ideal for me to spend my spare time. I prefer to go out and have another type of fun, instead.


Registered Member
I go probably once a month now, it used to be more often...but....well, I don't anymore.


Registered Member
My wife and I go out to the theaters approximately six to nine times a year. That's about the number of quality films we feel are worthy of experiencing on the big screen.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
It's very rare these days. Back when I was in school my friend Ryan went all the time so I would a lot more often but I almost never go these days. Honestly, it's not like many movies have come out lately where I thought, holy shit I HAVE to go see that one! I saw Toy Story 3...and Avatar...I think those are the last two I saw.


A Darker Knight
Like most people I'm sure, I only go watch movies that interest me, so there are gonna be times when I go a lot and times where I go months without going. With the recent superhero trend, I've been going fairly frequently.


Well-Known Member
I used to go once every few months (probably 2 or 3 times a year.)

But recently I've been going a lot, I find that I enjoy movies a lot more lately for some reason, maybe it's the friends, I don't know, I just like analyzing good stories for their worth now I guess.


No Custom Title Exists
At least 5 times a month because I love stupid movies and there a lot of them coming out now (Bad Teacher, etc) and animated movies such as Kung Fu Panda and all that.