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I found this forum, like a few others it seems, by looking for something unaffiliated and random. I was born and raised in Italy but now I'm based in the UK, having just graduated from University at the end of last year.

I've travelled a fair bit (family in the aviation industry is a God-send), spent a month in rural New York last year and absolutely loved it, also voyaged around parts of New Jersey. I'm trying to scrape some money together for a week in California to see a friend this summer, and I've been to quite a few other major global cities. So, I enjoy travelling (being a tourist!), being a sports nut, I write from time to time and in the future I'm hoping to not have to rely on my TEFL qualification to teach small children how to count to ten.

In essence, an elongated way of saying hello!


Creeping On You
Welcome here man. We're full of fun and games. I'm sure if you stick around, you'll big ol' part of the famdamily.


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Welcome and i just know you will like it here! Theres other people here that have done a ton of traveling. =)


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Karted since I was young so I'm a motorsports anorak (everything 'cept Nascar), I also played soccer and tennis since I was little too, I'll do anything once! I tried to get my head round NFL and baseball but one's too slow and complicated and the other one is glorified rounders, never really got into it!

I failed to give my name, I'm James. Pleased to meet you all :)
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