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Heyy :)

I'm new here, so just thought I'd introduce myself!
My names Laura, I live in England and I'm just about to start University in the next few weeks to study Sociology with Italian. (at the University of Kent) x


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Oh cool, I'm from Hastings, Its about 50-60 mins east from Brighton if your not sure where it is.
And I just happened to come across the site when searching for something and seeing that it was a forum for anything and everything pretty much, rather than a specific thing I thought I'd sign up and give it ago :)


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Welcome Laura, It's great to have you here at the Wacky World that we called General Forum. If you want to go home, just clap your shoes together three times and you'll be back to your house.

Too doo loo.


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Ciao Laura! Benvenuti a GF! :D

Make yourself at home and have fun. Tell us a little about your interests; do you like gaming? Music? Reading?


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I love Hastings. My boyfriend and I have been there a couple of times and stayed on the Haven caravan site. Cheesy but so fun!


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Ciao! Come stai? :)

Ahaha, and sure okay!
I do like a bit of gaming yes, but mainly rpgs and leveling games. Although I do like a bit of a mix. I'm not really a huge fan of all those call of Duty style games that everyone plays though, I'm really terrible at them! I hate idea of using a controller toggle to aim, if I want to aim, I like to aim the same way you'd aim a real gun. So, I leave those type of games for when I'm in an arcade.

Things I love the most though are travelling, Graphic Novels and Manga, Italy and Music :) And when it comes to music, I pretty much love all music genres, although I have a slight preference for rock bands.