Church Fires


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In the last week or two here in Texas there have been some 7 or 8 churches burn down. This is obviously arson. Seriously, there is no doubt about it! Coincidence doesn't work that way, haha. But on the news it just said about two more fires that happened within two miles of each other last night:

"We're not sure if it is arson or not. But if it is..." Really? Unless there is a church fire epidemic, then even I (who have minimal knowledge about the fires) am sure that it is arson.


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Do you have a link about these fires?

One burn is like an accident, two burns could still be a coincidence, three burns and you start thinking.... :hmm:


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That's pretty strange. That'd be kind of sad if it really was arson. That somebody would be intolerant enough to not even want churches around is appalling. Hopefully the figure out who dunnit.