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Chuck Swirsky - Salami and cheese eating homer or great sports mind



For all interested, Chuck Swirsky answers his email. If you get him at the raptors or rind hisbalckberry address he will answer you or tell you its going into a checks in column or his radio show.Sometimes I love the guy while other times he irritates me and brings out the hero sandwich so early that it jinxes us. Check is employd by the team but will subtly let his dissatisfaction be known about things in the organization. It also pains me when Leo a nd him get talknig off topic and if I hear one more go syracuse comment from Leo I'm going to send him more clippings of his knee getting blown out

SO what do you think? Is he a good source of knowledge and excitement or is he a lame homer towing the MLSE line. Feel free to let this thread be a forum on all raptors media - fan590 Leo Jack ..........


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I love Chuck I believe he's the best commentator in the league right now. I also hate when Leo goes off topic and starts talking about other things like is Syracuse Orangemen. I prefer the duo of Chuck and Jack, because Jack knows more stuff then Leo does. Also yes sometimes, when Chuck brings out the Salame and Cheese to early he jinx them just look at the 81 point game Kobe scored he brought it out in the third quarter, and they lost.
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