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Chuck E. Cheese vs. Mr. Gatti's


Registered Member
Back in the early 1990s during my second grade year, I went to Chuck E. Cheese several times. They had great pizza, a live animatronic rock-band, and great games:D. My favorite of the games was ski-ball, one of the icons of the kids fun-place restaurants:D.

Come fourth grade, I was introduced to Mr. Gatti's. At first before then, I thought it was going to be some boring old restaurant, but once going inside, I realized that it was just like Chuck E. Cheese's a bit, except that it had no animatronic band. However, they did have film rooms such as the sports room and the cartoon rooms. The sign on Mr. Gatti's reminded me of the old Showbiz Pizza sign that used to be before it became Chuck E. Cheese's. Back in 2001, the restaurant went through some renovations, making a bigger game room as well as more room for the restaurant patrons. The film rooms are still there.:D