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Chuck E. Cheese Brawls


Registered Member
Inside a Chuck E. Cheese, a little kid in front of a "Toy Story"-themed birthday cake gives a shy smile as his friends and family gather around, getting ready to sing "Happy Birthday."
It seems like a sweet scene until BAM! The fists start flying. Chaos ensues and the tears start flowing.
This is one time where one of the famous kids' pizza restaurants is not a place to be a kid. Just look at these horrid nightmares that took place! And for the stupidest reasons!:rant::shake::mad:

I've been to Chuck E. Cheese several times around my second-grade year and I've never seen anything happen like this. For those of you who go to Chuck E. Cheese with your kids, you better make sure that nothing like this happens and you don't get involved yourselves.

Chuck E Cheese: Powder Keg for Family Feuds to Explode Into Brawls? - ABC News


Free Spirit
Staff member
I was surprised to learn that its not uncommon for fights to break out. I guess a bar is not the only place brawls get started. The only difference in bars you don't have kids trying to break it up. Having your kids birthday party at home might be the safest thing to do.