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Chronic Pains


Likes snow
Who here has any pains from old injuries (or other pains that consistantly appear for no reason)?

My inner right shin has been half-numb ever since I hit it playing footballl a year and a half ago. My ear also gives me problems every now and then, probably due to the fact I've had swimmers ear in the one ear at least twice. Neither is too major, buy the is one inexplicable pain, every now and then, my knee hurts for no reason at all.


sometimes my knees hurt at random times when im doin somethin active.


Likes snow
Does anyone above the age of 15 not have occasional knee problems?


Ms. Malone
Mines due to...how do i put it...my bitch of a P.E teacher making me run laps all the time during athletics...and i suppose being skinny and lanky doesn't help either o_O


I don't have knee problems. I do get a pain in my right foot on occasion though.


Likes snow
I use to have foot problems, but that was due to all my shoes being too thin.


A Darker Knight
I wouldn't have knee problems if I hadn't done too many frog jumps. I felt a POP! and it started hurting like mad. doctor's making it better, but I can't put any strin on it at all. walking sometimes hurts if I walk too fast, and running for like 5 mintues hurts. :( sheesh.

aside form that, I firecracker blew up in my right ear last fourth of july, and now everytime I listen to my music too long, my ears start to hurt a little.

and my left shoulder hurts whenever I put strain on it. maybe from pushing too hard on push-ups or something