Chrome add ons


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Any of your guys use them?

I'm trying to find a good ad blocker but everything I've tried doesn't seem to work.


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I really wish there were add-ons that (a) made the built-in dictionary less ass, and (b) actually allowed a goddamn force refresh.

Seriously wondering why I'm not just going back to Firefox...


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I know, I jesus'd the thread. I wanted to make a new one about this but this works.

I just heard about the Chrome AdBlock plus - it used to have a different name before but now it's like that and the current version works in the same way FireFox abp stop dowloading advertisements. I saw a big change while surfing GF. Even if I'm VIP I see an occasional ad here and there or when I go to the homepage before I log. They're gone now.


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I'm really glad I checked this thread because I didn't know Chrome had an adblocker. I've got it installed now, thanks guys.