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Christopher Reeves widow died today


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Yeah that Knotts thing....... tragedy. :cry:

No seriously though, I caught that Kirby Puckett thing on sports center this morning. His death kinda meant something to me because as a kid in grade school I actually read his book cover to cover (it was thick and obviously beyond my reading level at the time) because I was so interested in baseball at the time. This was like around 4th/5th/6th grade. Plus, it always amazed me that he was such a good athlete being as short as he was and (another thing I have in common) and as thick as he was (in the same places I was for most of my life until just recently... weight loss actually DOES work people!). So yeah, he was actually somewhat of an inspiration to me.


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I really respected Kirby Puckett, he was a great baseball player. And from what I understand, he was a great person, too.


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I heard the story on Dana Reeves this morning too. Also heard that Dan Rather passed away...I know he was sick for a long time tho.