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Sultan of Swat
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This movie plays every year on Christmas day, I remember last year it played for 24 hours straight on this channel. I don't know why so many people loves this movie. I've seen it maybe three or four times, and it gets worst everytime. The acting is horrible and so is the plot. I hate this movie so much.

What are your thoughts on this movie?


Ess Tii Eph Yu
I think that it appeals to people who can relate to it. I was never forced into the snow suit, nor did I ever have a problem getting what I wanted for Christmas. I never got my frozen tongue stuck on anything, nor did I go out to an Asian restaurant for dinner. Ergo I don't understand the appeal.


still nobody's bitch
It's fun to have on in the background but I don't think I've ever watched the entire thing from start to finish in one sitting.


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i watched it in full yesterday. its funny and is a reminder of simpler times when kids had respect as opposed to being told to "go f--- yourself" by a 6-year old on xbox live.


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I watched it probably a total of 6 times this Christmas. It's just a classic holiday movie that my family watches every year. One T.V. will have that on and the other will have some kind of sports.