Christmas songs you just don't like


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So it's that magical time of year again. The time of year when every time I go into work I get pelted by Christmas music. Oh how I Love it. :rolleyes:

Anywho, I was listening to "Santa Clause is coming to Town" and all I could think about was how much like a horrible stalker this song makes Santa out to be. When I was younger this song actually creeped me out a wee bit to the point where I would start crying when it came on. To this day I really do despise that song.

What Christmas songs do you despise and why?


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Don't really hate any, but I've got to say that the doll Santa Clause on the street in front of the My Chemist singing "Jingle Bells" can get annoying a lot.


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Noddy bleedin Holder makes me want to rip my ears off!!! :rant:
He does that iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttsssssssss CHHHRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSTTTMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSS thing everytime he makes a TV appearance, regardless of the season.
Whyyyyy? :cry2:

Squawking like you've got a ginormous globule of snot stuck in your throat is not big, hard nor clever. :mad:
I don't hate any Christmas songs but a lot of them really get on my nerves if I hear them too much. Infact the only christmas song I like is the one by The Pogues - fairytale of new york, or something..


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I can't stand Christmas songs (all of them) the only ones I like are the ones done by Bob Rivers " Twisted Christmas songs".

I especially can't stand the elevator music Christmas songs..


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Most of them, but a few in particular make me want to drive my fingers through my eyeballs until they reach my brain then swirl it around

Any version of Sleigh Ride, but especially Johnny Mathis. He has the creepiest voice and that one X-Files episode only made it creepier

That god-awful Paul McCartney one that they play over and over at Meijer - Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time :urp:


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That god-awful Paul McCartney one that they play over and over at Meijer - Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time :urp:
you are damn right!

i like the instrumentals...all of the ones where my family has the potential of bursting into song grind my gears. i'm kind of the scrooge of the family, because my mother turns into a tyrant around these times and its no longer fun.


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None from the most common Christmas songs. Maybe it's because I actually love the season and the songs remind me it's here. I'll get back to this thread when I hear a version I hate. :hah:


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white christmas,we get a group of carol singers come round every year and every year they still get the still manage to screw up the words!.
It's probably titled "It's Christmas Time" since they use that phrase in all the songs - and a lot might I add. It just doesn't flow right, I do not like ANY of the remakes nor do I like the lyrics.

I never heard of this song when I was a child, so I'm guessing it's making it's rounds as that new Christmas song. I hope it doesn't last because it annoys me very much. >.<;