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Christmas Plans


Supreme System Lord
So what is everyone doing this Christmas?

Is it going to be filled with major Christian celebration or just a few beers and mince pies with family?

For me hopefully some of my family will be coming down so no doubt we'll have a decent get together. Usually I spend the day playing with my presents but it would be good this year to enjoy the celebratory side of Christmas.

I only get Christmas and Boxing day off, then it's back to work!


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I'm guessing its going to be presents, alcohol and food up until 2 days after new years... We're Scottsh so New Year's all important :D

I already know one thing my sister and I got - Toffee vodka! :)


yellow 4!
We do the same thing every year pretty much. My brother will be coming home from university and also some relatives will visit no doubt. Open presents and eat lots of food on Christmas day..
Then every boxing day me and my dad watch all three lord of the rings films in a row, the extended versions, for 11 hours. Tradition. :D


I probably won't know until the week OF Christmas. Depending on my work schedule, I'll either be home enjoying all the goodies of Christmas - OR - I'll be sleeping getting enough rest to go to work that night. Hopefully, the former. If it is the latter, I'll try my best to stay up and enjoy Christmas with my family.


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My sister will be coming up... so we'll open gifts, eat breakfast, then sit around all day watching the kids play. :)


still nobody's bitch
My daughter's dad is taking her to Texas to visit her grandmother and family on his side; they are leaving early afternoon on Christmas Day, so I'll be alone for 4 days. I've never been away from her for that long :(


Endangered Species
I will be doing absolutely nothing festive at all.

Christmas is a non-entity to my family. Infact this Christmas I will be the only member of my family even in the country as the rest of the family jets off to various locations around the globe as they take advantage of all the free time to be had across the Christmas period. I'd do something similar if I could afford it.:(


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Other than gift giving, decorating, eating together on Christmas day, etc. I don't think that we're doing anything special.

Christmas is a great time to stay home and relax especially since it's right in the middle of wrestling season which makes it even better.


Wake up with hangover, open present(s), wish Merry Christmas to everyone, get ready, nip to the missis', go wish Merry Christmas to my Nan, take missis back to hers, go to mine, have dinner, then go back to the missis' for drinks and games.


It fell off.
Ahhhh *sigh* maybe catch up with all the forums over break!!!

Probably some work (holiday pay-yayness!!!) One of the couple days my brother and sis-in-law will be flying in. Open presents with them. Christmas Day gets switched to different family members houses on my dads side; soo drive up my aunts in MI the night before, stay there all day....this all depends if I work or not.)

umm...probably dinner with my boyfriend's mom and step dad, a different dinner with his dad and step mom, and yet a different dinner with his aunt and uncle that he's been living with since his house burned :(

Sooooo in short; lots of good food and 3 times to act all proper and sweet in front of my boyfriends family to prove I'd be good enough for their son and could be a good mom for his son. :/ lol