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Christmas Goodies


Registered Member
There are so many Christmas cookies and goodies laying around everywhere. How in the world am I supposed to keep my hands out of the cookie jar? Any tips?


Registered Member
Good question! if you get a good answer that doesn't involve a mouth guard and handcuffs, let me know!
All kidding aside, I just try to focus on providing healthy options along side the not-so-healthy options. When I do make "unhealthy" snacks, I try to use healthier ingredients, or cook fresh whenever possible. I even make healthy substitutions, for example using applesauce in place of oil in some baked goods, or using coconut sugar or sugar in the raw instead of white sugar. I also try to get more exercise during this season. It may or may not help...I like to think it does.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I've had no problem turning down sweets since I became sick. I know it might not stay down. Not a good way to avoid all the Christmas sweets. If I felt better and had more time I would make fudge and eat way too much. Which that is not what you want to hear.lol It helps if you keep them in a cabinet so you don't have to look at them all the time.


Registered Member
I'm not a huge sweet eater. I like certain cookies but not a lot of them. You could always take raw veggies and eat those when people are eating cookies.