Christmas Dinner 'ON THE DAY'


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If you celebrate Christmas, will you be having your Christmas dinner on the day? I know for whatever reason, some people don't.

I'm just going to have a semi half hearted thing since my Son is in France for Christmas day. I won't be having Christmas dinner until just before New Year when we can be together.

What about your office Christmas dinner. I know some hotels are so fully booked for Christmas dinner, some people have Christmas dinner in March.

Do you have an odd time for your office Christmas dinner?

I guess for the U.S members, you can answer for Christmas and Thanks Giving.


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I have my proper family Christmas dinner on the big day which is fairly conventional.

I had my office Christmas dinner today, we always have it the last friday before Christmas day.


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We're eating out early. My sister won't actually be in California for Christmas (she'll be with the people she lives with in Portland), so we've decided to frontshift all parts of Christmas forward.

It'll be a nice dinner- we've never been big on elaborate meals outside of Thanksgiving.


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We have our Big Christmas dinner on the 25th and this year is no different. We have one set of grandparents and my great aunt that come over for a big Christmas meal that my mom cooks.

We've been doing it for about eight years now. It's really fun and tasty.


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Yes, I will be having my Christmas dinner on the day like every year.
I've been looking forward to it all month and I know it's going to be fantastic because my mum's cooking is amazing.

We're not having a Christmas dinner at work - instead they're throwing a party which I'm not going to because I'd rather not see colleagues on a weekend.


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We have a smallish Christmas dinner on the day because it's just the two of us and I'm a vegetarian. We have a buffet type dinner at my parent's on boxing day.


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It will be just me the rents and my younger sister on the actually day. My older sister lives in VA, and can't make it up till Jan. Other family members don't usually join us for dinner.


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We have Christmas dinner on the day,me the ex and the kids,then on boxing day we all descend on my parents and have a full family dinner.


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We never had a Christmas dinner growing up and don't know. We also don't have office Christmas parties but the Department has a really cheesy one every year if you care to go which most don't. I shall be working again this Christmas and will most likely have something nuked in the microwave.
Yeah, we always have our family Christmas dinner on the day. I can't imagine having it on any day other than the 25th.. But I know that obviously some people can't because its inconvenient etc. :cute: