Christmas Cookies

Are there any you make/have every year?

What are your favorites?

My all time favorites will always be chocolate crinkles. These are the must makes each year.


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Chocolate crinkles FTW!

I'm not sure what makes them specifically Christmas cookies, but they are by far my favorite.
*Googles chocolate crinkles*

They look nice! What other types of Christmas cookie are there? This is all I know of when I think of the term, lol >>

Just simple cookies in the shape of xmassy things :p


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Chocolate crinklers?

I'm making my own cookies this year. I'm modifying a tollhouse cookie recipe to have Andes Mint chocolate chips, browned butter, and some peppermint oil to flavor it


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I usually just make standard sugar cookies but either add a bit of almond or coconut flavoring to them just to make them a bit different and then decorate them with frosting and sprinkles... If I feel up to it I'll make any other random cookies for the spread, but my family tends to be more into cakes and other types of desserts for christmas, so I tend to focus on other desserts instead.

I had never heard of a Chocolate crinkle cookie though, they sounds pretty good, so I may try making them this year. =)


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I make a rice krispie christmas tree, every year. Hah.
I also make just plain ol' sugar cookies but decorate the crap out of them.
I'm attempting gingerbread men this year. Fingers crossed they don't come out as blobs!


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I used to make christmas-y sugar cookies with my dad, brother, and sister when we were younger, but haven't for quite a few years now. Not too big on cookies unless they are peanut butter cookies, though. I like other Christmas desserts more. :)


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I tried to make cookies twice but they're always too hard to eat. But thats okay cause we always have Christmas cookies kind of like in Rebeccaaa's pic! *grins* Thanx about the pic! We have some other kinds too and some with strawberry icing!