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Christmas Cards


Sally Twit
It's common here for people to give Christmas Cards to each other before Christmas day. I received my first Christmas card on the 2nd of December which is the earliest I've ever received one. I normally give them out the week before Christmas.

Do you give out Christmas cards on Christmas day or before then?
Do you think it's too early to give out cards before Christmas day?


Haters gonna hate.
I never think its too early to get or send Christmas Cards before the big day. It's more festive if you get them before, I believe.


yellow 4!
They are part of the decorations in a lot of households, like people have them hanging from the walls on those big paper/card things or whatever... so I've always thought it more appropriate to give them out earlier rather than later. I personally only give them to close friends and family (on the day itself), but my mum has hers all written out and posted early December.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I haven't sent a Chrismas card to anyone in a real long time. I do remember making them when I was in school though. I think it makes more sense to send them a few weeks before December 25, since you can display them like Bex was saying.

I receive a few every year, usually from my co-workers.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I've never sent a Christmas card to anybody in my life. Unless you count to clients, of course. At work they made us send them to some of our top clients as a way to say thank you, I guess.

I've never sent one to a friend though because if I do they'll just laugh at me. As far as receiving them goes I've gotten a couple from clients and one friend who is married. It was his wife who sent it haha


Usually I don't receive Christmas cards as I don't celebrate Christmas. But I've given a few to my Christian friends.


Registered Member
Everybody do it here indeed Bliss, I only give Xmas cards to a few handpicked people and try to do it myself..for the fun of it.

I will receive the usual suspects ones this year I guess..he he.


Registered Member
I send many Christmas cards every year...around 40 or so.
I have several friends, online and off.....some family in Illinois..special people in Cyprus and Canada..and other states all over the U.S.
I enjoy sending them out....
I have them made out and stamped and ready to be mailed before Thanksgiving is even here, but I wait until December 1st to mail them out, as I like for them to have a December postmark :)
Then I even put some little green and red holiday confetti inside, so when they open the card, most of them probably say "Oh shit, look what a mess that made, she's such a bitch" ~LoL~


Where is my Queen?
I never send X-Mas cards, I don't know why I don't but I usually don't send them, I get a few X-Mas cards a year from distant relatives with pictures of them in the card which is always nice.


Haters gonna hate.
My family makes elaborate cards with different themes. Should ask my Pa what we are doing this year.