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Christmas Budgets


Registered Member
I was curious how much people spend for Christmas. I enjoy shopping the day after thanksgiving for deals and I would say I usually and and all spend about 500 bucks on Christmas gifts.


Registered Member
Thats a respectable sum of money. I usually go $200, but this year things are going to be extra tight. Actually, my family and I are going to celebrate Christmas after the fact because theres a local auction around where I live that sells new items at rock bottom prices. This usually happens after Christmas, because everyones already spent all of thier money.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I usually get people $15-20 gifts, which amounts to around $200 or so.


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well as for me im going to buy $40 - $60 present for everyone which will round up to $300 - $400... :)


Food Whore
generally it ends up amounting to >$100. I buy gifts for my close family, and maybe a joke gift or two to friends.


Heavy Weapons Guy
I usually spend $100-$200 all together. I should start getting on top of things as Christmas seems to be sneaking up again...


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I would say about $200 but I might get cheaper this year cause I just had to get my car fixed and thats never cheap.


Registered User
I have spent alot. I bought my wife a nice ring.

About 4 grand.

My girl is getting a ton of barbies and movies.

Two Hannah dolls.
Two toys having to do with Barbie of the Island.

Alot of stuff. I can't recall how much has been spent yet. But no more is being spent now.


Registered Member
On average, my annual christmas budget is usually around $500. I usually do try to seek out a good deal here on there. I also do try to treat myself to something since it's the end of year if my budget allows me to.