Christmas bonus


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Not sure if this has been done or not
I was talking about this with a friend today,do you get a Christmas bonus or gift from your employer?.

Every year my boss gives me a bonus in my last pay packet before the Christmas break,i also get given a bottle of scotch every year by one of the companies we work for.

My friend was pretty annoyed that he does not get a bonus:lol:.


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my bonus is to still be working. The industry I'm in its really difficult to keep employees going 100% year round. During the summer we usually employ way over 25 workers, in the middle of winter like about now we're struggling to keep 5 out in the field. So the fact that I still have a steady check about now is a nice bonus for this time of year.

Hovever the boss usually does do something nice, last year it was 50 dollar gift certificates to a nice restaurant here in town (the name escapes me at the moment) for everyone that was employed 10 out of the 12 month year this go 'round... anyone newer than that got $25.00 certificate instead, which was only like 2 or 3 kids that came on during the summer. Mostly any type of bonus we get will depend on how well we did financially that year... like this one what with the economy hitting construction so hard we didnt do so great, lmao so we'll be lucky to get a 5 dollar off coupon at the local buffet :hah:
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Been at the hospital for 18+ years and I can remember 2 bonuses, 1 was for $300.00 and they taxed the bitch. The other one was probably around the same thing and most likely they taxed that bitch too. Now if I worked on the private sector of the hospital, they throw out bonuses left and right although this year nobodies getting squat which is no great loss for me since that $300.00 was about 13-14 years ago.


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I also get a bonus, it's not so big because I'm fairly new, but as soon as I give more time in the company it will get bigger.

They also give me a gift certificate for 40$ at a Restaurant which is pretty good.


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doesnt that piss you off sometimes. You get the gift certificates that are good for everything except cash... lmao like your Boss saying yeah bitch, I'm not just giving you money you actually have to buy something with it!

I mean its not like money has much other use but still just the concept that 50 bucks could have probably been useful on a phone bill or something :hah:


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I don't get a Christmas bonus...I just get a lame gift from the department director every year. I think he spends a lot of money on these gifts he gives us, but he just has really bad taste :lol:


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I guess im lucky in the fact my bonus is tax free and in cold hard cash.
It does depend on what type of year we had but the bonus is normally around half of my weekly pay.
Plus my boss takes his holidays every year around Christmas,so i get Christmas week off then another two,sometimes three weeks paid holiday and the bonus all in one large lump sum,and always in cash,really helps to sort out the last minute presents and stuff.


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I do not get a bonus. Every year we do get a dept gift. I have liked most of them except for last year. We got several christmas ornaments, and none of them matched my tree. My tree is blue/purple/silver and the ornaments were bright red.