Christmas at GF


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If you could buy as many GF'ers as you'd like (that you don't know in person) a gift for Chrismas, what would you buy and who would you give it/them to?

1. Tucker - a microphone and a stage so he'd do some stand up comedy.

2. Echoes - a lifetime supply of beer so that I could demand he do another drunken chat as I missed the last one.

3. Dal - a kitchen sink. You know the saying "I'm taking everything but the kitchen sink"? Well she now has everything she wants - she's just missing that sink!

4. Angels - Definitely a mobile like ysabel mentioned. I'd also get her a house in any part of the world she chose!

5. ysabel - A babysitter. That would give her more time with her husband. More time for.. :naughty:

Edit: I'm changing it to more than 3 if you want because ysabel reminded me about Angels. I'm also going to add to my list as and when. Bad Bliss!
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I'd buy Angels a cellphone so she can be contacted more easily. I'd buy Vegito the mobile phone model he wanted to have so he doesn't have to wait for Spring next year. I can't think of a third gift, so I'll save it for later.
Syndicate - PlayStation 3, Wii and XBOX 360 with every single console game created for those systems. I'm sure he'll be happy with that.

Fantasy - Same as Syndicate.

kdmillz - Cena t-shirt and hoody.

MJ - A super rare, hard to fine Deuce t-shirt. :lol:

padd - A John Cena life size cut out.

Atreyu - A ROH ring side ticket so he can watch all the action live. ;)
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Hybrix - A Server

EEB - ManU season tickets

Rattie - one of these but bigger & better

Bliss - A giant tub of Custard:D


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Millz: Tickets to Wrestlemania 25

Echoes: Tickets to the BCS Championship

Hybrix: Signed copy of the Thriller Album

Atreyu: Tickets to a ROH event.

That's all I can think of at the moment.


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I'd just buy everyone here at GF a beer..or 3..


I'm sure everyone would enjoy it


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I would buy Jeanie v for vendetta on dvd. lol

And that's all I care to think about at the moment, it's too early.