"Christian" Offensive


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I seriously don't know who I hate more these days.

Frumpy, whiny Christians who live in a fantasy world where they are the oppressed minority or these fucking safe space butter goblins that cry when people breathe around them.


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I'm more fed up with the safe space people. All this woman was trying to do is sell her bookstore. Say the wrong thing to the safe space people then they are screaming they triggered me. Bunch of thin skinned people that need a shrink. Or just give them a strong laxative and let them poop the rest of their brains out.


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What I find saddening is the degree of division that exists in America today.

IMO, the problems start when people mix religion with politics. That's damaging to both. (And indeed, it's the same problem that's destroying the Middle East.)

Many Christians apparently feel they have to support a Christian cultural war on the political field now, by supporting extreme positions on abortion, gay rights and so on. And their opponents, naturally, identify the Christian religion with this political extremism and react accordingly, throwing out the baby with the bathwater.

What about moderate Christians who are anti-abortion and anti-homosexuality, but still feel it's not the government's business to legislate these morals? What about moderate Christians who see that taking care for the poor, via universal healthcare or social spending, is at least as "Christian" as opposing abortion -- or that tax cuts to make the rich even richer are just as anti-Christian as homosexual marriage *may* be?

Jesus was neither conservative nor liberal. He said "give Caesar what's Caesar's, but give Got what's God's".

I wouldn't trust politicians who intrumentalize the well-meaning faith of the people just to win votes. Corruption already begins here. IMO.