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TV Christa Miller

Your Favorite Christa Miller Character?

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Most people that have watched a decent amount of TV in the past 10 years should know who Christa Miller is, if not, click the link below.

Christa Miller - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

My question, is out of the 3 major TV roles, what was your favorite?

Kate O'Brien - The Drew Carey Show (170 episodes)
Jordan Sullivan - Scrubs (89 episodes)
Ellie Torres - Cougar Town (44 episodes and counting)

And why?


Where is my Queen?
I would have to go with Kate 'O Brien. I have seen all the Drew Carrey Shows and she fit that role very well, I have only seen a couple episodes of Scrubs and Cougar Town and I can not make a fair assumption with her character in those shows.


I had to go with Jordan Sullivan. I liked her as Kate, the nice girl and all that, but she played that horrible bitch on Scrubs to perfection. She plays a similar character on Cougar Town, but it's slightly different.