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Spoiler from Raw:

Christ Jericho was fired by Stephanie McMahon on Monday Night Raw last night, I really didn't expect that. But where do you think this storyline is going? Do you see him being re-hired by Vince next Monday? Or do you believe he's taking some time off?
Maybe Vickie will hire him. :hah:

That'll be great: him showing up on SmackDown!

I dunno, maybe he'll take a few weeks off to recover and save up his energy for WrestleMania 25. Maybe put him in a new feud with somebody.


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I'm hoping that this is going to develop into a major feud. I've had a feeling for a while that there's going to be a McMahon family feud culminating at WrestleMania 25 for a while now (ever since that segment where stephanie slapped Shane) and I think now Jericho might be involved in it, asa representative or something, which would be fantastic! Hopefully he'll be involved in one of the big matches at WM from this.
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Not sure whats gonna happen. Maybe Vince rehires him and that starts another feud with the McMahons. Or Vicki hires him on Smackdown...which would be cool but since Batista is hurt on RAW I dont know about switching people right now.