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Chris Daughtry


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Staff member
If you watched American Idol a year ago you probably know who Chris Daughtry is. He was the bald rocker who got voted off to everyone's surprise in the last few rounds.

I decided to check out his stuff today since I kind of stopped following American Idol and the people on it for a while. Anyway, I knew he had a self titled album out but I had no idea that it was actually quite good.

Check out his MySpace page to hear 4 of his songs.


I really like his sound he and his band have. He was asked to become the lead singer for Fuel, which after listening to his stuff, I'm glad he didn't.

I think he is the best guy to have come out of American Idol. He wrote a lot of the songs on his CD before he was on Idol, so it's fair to say that he was a solid rocker even before he got popular.

What do you think?


New Member
Yes, I agree with you, he's probably the best performer that came out of idol along side with Kelly Clarkson. I saw Daughtry in concert and he is very personal and such a great performer.. I would try and see his concert every time he was out here, I also recommend others to check him out, very talented to say the least. Writes his own music, plays guitar and has a awesome band, what else do you need really? :)